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Alberta Story Telling by our very own Ginette!

Ginette was interviewed by Alberta STORY TELLING. Hear her share a wonderful memory from her childhood of kidnapping crabs to amuse herself at the ocean by clicking here. Ginette's story starts at 9:15 into the video.

On May 4, 2020, Storytelling Alberta (Calgary Chapter) launched a special Story-Share-By-Phone outreach program during the pandemic for Calgary seniors 65 years of age or over.

During a StoryShare-By-Phone session, a storyteller/volunteer team sets up a 3-way conference call with a senior:

1) The storyteller delivers a story,

2) The senior (if they wish) tells a story from his/her lived history, and,

3) The volunteer checks in with the senior about any pressing needs they might have and then gives the senior information on services that would help them meet those needs.

If you would like to participate in the StoryShare-By-Phone program or you would like to gift a story session to a friend or loved one, click here for more information.

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