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EBlast July 12, 2020

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Contact Samantha at her OSA virtual office: Phone: 403-801-7254 or Email: Check out our website:


MEN’S COFFEE GROUP: SOUTH GLENMORE PATHWAY TOUR THURSDAY JULY 16 Walk with the experts to find out about flora, fauna and new recreational activities planned for this area. Details and signup are on the website under Activities and Events. Group is limited to 10. 


OSA HIKERS - LEADING THE WAY UP THE MOUNTAIN Anne Greco reports: “A small group of hearty Oakridge seniors take to the mountains every week to capture the best views. The question is why do they put these views at the top of the steepest mountains! We have seen black bears with cubs a couple of times in our travels but always from a safe distance. Adventure awaits us each week with occasionally getting lost part of the adventure!! “

Left to right: Brian/Jackie Burrell, Pat Blair, Jan Gerrie, Gerry/Anne Mckenna. Back row is Bart Scott, Anne Greco - we are on top of Powderface ridge.


REMINDER!  COVID19 TESTING JUST MINUTES FROM OAKRIDGE Phone 811 to set up an appointment. Location: 10301 Southport Lane S.W. 

  • Turn right from Southland Drive, just before the traffic light with CIBC bank on the corner

  • Drive straight ahead and follow see the signs. Big parking lot on the right with people directing where to go

Drive through, they test you by swabbing your throat and will phone you with the results.


OSA MEMBERSHIP GROWING Please visit OSA Membership Sign Up on our website NOW, so we can keep YOU in touch with all we have to offer now and in future. Membership is required to participate in our programs. Owing to a website procedure, do not use autofill or you will receive an error message. You need to Sign Up as a member online even if you've paid your 2020 membership fee. Fees have been waived for 2020 (normally $10 per person). If you've already paid for 2020, your membership has been extended until April 2022.  BONUS Sign up as a new OSA member NOW to enter your name in a weekly prize draw. PLUS, a special draw for the first 50 new members signed up – celebrating Oakridge Community’s 50th year! THIS WEEK’S $25 CO-OP GIFT CARD WINNER: Ann Van Ameringen.


JOIN OUR BOARD! Currently we need a SECRETARY to attend monthly board meetings, maintain our board correspondence and meeting minutes. 


OSA COOKS We still plan to set up a meal prep program for members living alone. Meanwhile we hope to set up a more limited program to prepare small batches of meals to deliver to other interested members once Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed. Other senior centres with similar programs are beginning to open up now.


NEED HELP GETTING A HANDLE ON TECHNOLOGY? Oakridge Seniors Association is committed to bridging the digital divide for older adults. We can help you use the Internet, connect to social programs via Zoom and more! If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or Internet connection, we can help with obtaining these. Please contact Samantha at 403-801-7254. 


PREFERRED SERVICE PROVIDERS – PROGRAM COMING SOON Send us your suggestions and we will check them out. Help your neighbors get things done around the house or yard. Del is building a list. Contact Del Kobelsky at


Living Inside Out – Suggestions for thriving during Covid-19 times (From Zoomer July 2020) 1. Stay engaged with your surroundings - enjoy a hobby, bird watch outside or from your bird book, make your bed, keep your living space tidy – it all helps 2. Stay smiling - laugh out loud, it boosts happy endorphins 3. Stay mindful, take a nap if it helps recoup lost sleep 4. Stimulate the senses - listen to music, virtually tour art galleries - have a personal wine and cheese tasting party - imbue your world with calming mood-boosting essential oils 5. Stay active - stretch, take a walk, get into the garden 6. Stay confident and connected - look your best on Zoom calls: set up near a window for good light on your face, place monitor higher than your eye and tilt camera towards you  7. Stay caring - when you care for someone else, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, YOU get the benefit - support local businesses especially if they donate to good local causes.


The secret to living well (Tibetan Proverb) Eat half - walk twice - laugh triple - love without measure Sheila Foster, OSA Marketing & Communications

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