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EBlast July 24, 2020

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT PROGRAM LAUNCHED Samantha and Julie have been very busy creating a Volunteer Program for OSA. We are excited to present the first program outline on the website this week, as well as the requirements to participate. Click hereto see the details of how to volunteer to help neighbours and also how to apply for help yourself.


OAKRIDGE COMMUNITY GARDEN – OPEN GARDEN Aug 1 from 10:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Activities: Guided tours, Q&As, gardening talks at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., demonstration stations and kids’ fun zones


OAKRIDGE COMMUNITY GARDEN COOKBOOK OCG gardeners are excited about sharing recipes that use local produce harvested from our raised beds/plots. The purpose of this cookbook is to collect and present favourite recipes to further benefit the sense of community, and foster friendship among garden members. This cookbook will be kept as a live document, and added to each season while giving correct credit to the original recipe owners. Please provide detailed and appropriate references when contributing.   Please submit your favourite recipe, a story about the recipe (if there is one) and a photo (if you can)  to: Julie Kearns,  before August 30.


VETTED CONTRACTORS – PROGRAM COMING SOON Send us your suggestions and we will check them out. Help your neighbours 


MEN’S COFFEE – THURDAY MORNINGS The group has begun having outdoor events, as well as Zoom meetings. Hugh reports “We had a great morning walk - amazing number of Waxwings - flying all around us and swooping down to the water to catch insects. Gary also shared some interesting facts. Next week some of us will meet 'in-person' at Oakchurch Crescent weather permitting - please register via our website by clicking here and bring a chair/coffee/other refreshments. I am told some people prefer Zoom meetings, so please either dial in to Zoom next Thursday OR join us in person on the walk.” Book idea for the week: The Hummingbird by Stephen Kiernan - intertwines three different stories and makes for a thought-provoking read.


WHO ELSE NEEDS HELP GETTING A HANDLE ON TECHNOLOGY? OSA is committed to bridging the digital divide for older adults. We can help you use the Internet, connect to social programs via Zoom, and more! If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or Internet connection, we can help with obtaining these. Please contact Samantha to register for this important program. Also if you can help train others in basic skills.


OSA MEMBERSHIP GROWING We are working to remedy the signup problems some of you have been encountering by making the steps clearer: 1. Click on OSA Membership Sign Up / Log In at the top right hand side of the OSA website. 2. On the Log In page, click on Sign Up 3. Complete the form.  4. Notes:

  • Do not use autofill to complete the fields or you will receive an error message

  • Use your mouse to scroll down as you fill out the form

5. Click Submit Even if you signed up manually and paid for 2020, YOU NEED TO SIGN UP ON THE WEB PAGE. Call Samantha if you are having any issues with this and she will help you sign up and allocate a temporary password. Membership fees have been waived for 2020. Please complete the website OSA Membership Sign Up form so we can keep YOU in touch with all we have to offer. Note: OSA Membership is required to participate in our programs.  BONUS Sign up as a new OSA member NOW to enter your name in a weekly prize draw. PLUS a special draw for the first 50 new members signed up – celebrating Oakridge Community’s 50th year! THIS WEEK’S $25 CO-OP GIFT CARD WINNER: DIANNE OFARRELL 


Blueprint for Better Health. (Zoomer July 2020) 1. Lose the weight, obesity appears to be a risk factor in Covid-19, similar to premature aging 2. If you use be on a ‘diet’ make it the Mediterranean: olive oil, fresh fruits and veggies, fish rather than meat, nuts for snacks, avoid sugar. Add beans and legumes for cheap nutrition BUT watch portion size, they are high in calories. Add yogurt often. 3. Manage chronic disease to help your immune system - eat herbs and spices that help fight inflammation: ginger, garlic, turmeric, antioxidant rich berries, tomatoes, green tea, almonds walnuts 4. If you only take one vitamin supplement, make it Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin: 600-4,000 IUs/day before age 70, 4,000 IUs after that.  5. It’s more than what you eat - move it, even from our living room, being sedentary is problematic for older adults, do weights when seated, do squats at home, march on the spot watching TV, household chores, gardening, wash the windows, everything counts! 6. And keep up to date on vaccinations, and encourage others 


The secret to living well (Tibetan Proverb) Eat half - walk twice - laugh triple - love without measure Sheila Foster, OSA Marketing & Communications

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