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EBlast October 21, 2020

We follow COVID-19 safe meeting protocols. Please note that all OSA Events and Programs must be registered for in advance via our website. Thank you.

Welcome to New OSA Manager Janice Fraser!  Janice has lived in Oakridge for 18 years, and has extensive and varied experiences working at the community level, including non-profit boards. Janice says: "Over the next little while I will focus on getting to know everyone better, especially our members and volunteers. My hope is to continue creating and expanding connections, interesting opportunities and vibrant personal relationships, the solid foundation of which Oakridge Seniors Association has already built. I encourage you to reach out to me without hesitation - to grow and meet the changing needs of seniors in an age-friendly, enduring community - to share your thoughts, and become a part of this mutual adventure. I look forward to hearing from you."

Special Events October 30, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Laughter & Yoga with Cheryl Oberg & The Rewards of Generosity with Dianna Campbell-Smith  Want to be healthy and happy, but instead you are getting stressed out, depressed, getting less sleep, more negative thoughts and feeling isolated? Join us for this free event via Zoom. Laughter Yoga is a form of exercise where anyone can laugh, and with practice, soon becomes real and spontaneous. Presenter Cheryl Oberg, a clown with Children’s Hospital, will build on the popular OSA session she ran last year. She trained under Patch Adams, who stressed the value of laughter in treating hospital patients.  Dianna Campbell-Smith, a local psychologist, ran a well-received OSA Happiness event last year. She leads a weekly OSA Feel Good Group Zoom session, exploring ways to stay positive during COVID-19. She will explore the positive values of being generous with your resources or your time to help others. Please wear a fun hat, tie, wig, shirt, dress from your favourite vacation or anything that makes you happy! Sign up now to Zoom with FUN!

(Photo from 2019 Laughter & Yoga event)

October 31, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Halloween in the Garden Oakridge Community invites everyone to the garden on Halloween day to see the spooky decorations. You may also want to get creative (and messy!) by participating in the pumpkin carving contest. Two prize baskets are up for grabs! (home-carved pumpkins brought to the garden will also qualify for prizes.) After dark, there will be lights and glowing pumpkins, so stop by after sunset.... that is...if you are feeling particularly fearless.   Date change - December 10, 6:45 p.m: Chat with MLA Whitney Issik  An open discussion via Zoom on how to better serve Oakridge community, not just seniors. How the two associations (Oakridge Seniors and Oakridge Community) can form enhanced relationships to deliver programs to a wider audience.

Activities & Program Highlights Gary Haerle - Wednesday Weaselhead Walk October 14 A small group joined Gary on a snowy walk and were rewarded with views of birds, beavers and boughs. Gary is an excellent guide to the outdoors and particularly this special place that is part of Oakridge. Let’s talk Gary into doing this once a month to observe the changes in seasons! Let us know if you’d be interested in this.

Wednesday Walkers at 10:00 a.m.  If Wednesday isn’t your day of choice and you’d like to walk, why not volunteer to host another day or time and we will put it on the schedule. Thursday/Thursday Trotters, Friday Fitties, Saturday Striders anyone?

News From Oakridge Community Garden (OCG)  Gardener extraordinaire Hugh Stewart reports, “OCG members and volunteers continue to make progress on the Vision and Layout approved by the Community Board. We have now designed and built our new Vertical Garden. Many gardens include climbing and hanging plants to give enhanced perspectives to flat open spaces. We envision both annuals and perennials growing up the structure and contributing to the peaceful atmosphere. Our design migrated from a single vertical support structure to multiple arbors aligned with raised beds. Building began October 9, augering post holes. Rocks and hard clay slowed progress, as well as the deteriorating Fall weather, but by October13 we had all 20 posts cemented in place and on October15, longitudinal rails and cross-beams provisionally installed. Completion is delayed until weather improves and volunteers are available. Many thanks to the exceptional contributions by so many volunteers. Once complete, we will decorate it for the Halloween, Oakridge 50th Anniversary and our Winter Wonderland events." Watch for details on all these exciting events soon!

Tech Help Program  We continue to supply computer/technical equipment, advice and coaching to members of the community who need it.  Ginette Raphael was one of the first to take advantage of this help and is now a technical wiz, leading a French class on line and attending many sessions too!

Be kind! Sheila Foster, OSA Marketing & Communications

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