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New Name!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

To our valued members,

The Board of Directors for Oakridge Seniors Association would like to inform you that we are changing the operating name of OSA to SW 55+ Connect. What this means is that our legal, incorporated name is still Oakridge Seniors Association but we will now be using the name SW 55+ Connect and all organization identity elements will reflect this.

This change has been a long time coming and is the result of many hours, over several months, of research and discussion by the board. The motivations for the name change include:

  • Making our location (SW), target audience (55+), and mission (creating connections) evident in our name.

  • Avoiding confusion with Oakridge Community Association or any other Oakridge groups.

  • Increasing our geographical reach to be more inclusive of older adults in all of SW Calgary.

  • Ensuring all older adults, whether they identify as seniors or not, feel that we are a fit for them.

  • Moving forward into a bright and exciting future!

This operation name change does not affect members in any way, we will continue to provide the quality programs, events and resources that we always have. We simply want to be more inclusive and work towards being a social connection hub for all groups and organizations that want to offer older adults in SW Calgary opportunities in their community.


SW 55+ Connect Board of Directors

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