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August 2023 E-News

Welcome to all our new and returning SW55+Connect (SWC) members.

We are sending this monthly newsletter to replace updates on our website, in the absence of a website manager. Please let us know if you could help us with this task.

Since September 2022, we set up SWC as a non-profit group serving seniors in SW Calgary. We are known for our warm, friendly group sessions, and many people are making new friends and contacts through their membership in SWC.

Our small managing group really appreciates all the help from members who have stepped up to help organize events and programs. The small board meets quarterly to review program and finances and plan new activities. Let us know what you would like to do with fellow seniors in this area. We welcome new ideas and would love to see some new members on our board.

Our regular pub sessions, games sessions, lunches, golf practice, Rosebud theatre tour, and celebratory dinners are all well attended.

We promote senior-centered activities in our area, so please tell us about any events to promote.

SWC Calendar Aug 2023

Wed Aug 9 (also 16, 23, 30) 12-1pm Lunch in the Oakridge Community Garden*

Thur Aug 10 Point Pub Time 3-6pm Point Pub, Oakridge

Thur Aug 17 Lunch at Dixons Pub 12-2pm

Thur Aug 23 Pub&Games 3-6pm Horton Legion**

TBA Proposed bus trip to Rosebud Dinner Theatre

Walking: Wednesday 1-2pm from Weaselhead West Parking Lot,

Thursday 1-2pm from the Yacht Club

*Bring your lunch to the beautiful garden at Oakridge Community Centre

**SWC hosts Beers, darts and games monthly at the Horton Legion.

Other Community Events

Tuesday 1-3pm: Horton Legion: Live Band & dancing

MeetUp is the place to register for any of our activities and to join our growing active group. You need to join MeetUp to hear about SWC activities. But you need to join, pay, and sign a waiver to become a SWC member to participate regularly in SWC activities. Get the application from our website, or sign up at one of our events.

From July 1, membership for the calendar year will only be $10 so bring along new friends to enjoy these activities.

Your friends at SWC: Julie, Sheila, Debra, Sonja, Ted

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